Uffizi Gallery app for free

Museums, churches, archaeological parks, castles and other historic buildings make up a priceless historical, artistic and architectural heritage, which tells centuries of history and which makes Italy unique and the only country with the largest number of UNESCO sites in the world.

In these days Italy is facing one of the toughest tests in recent times, we are asked to stay home, avoid gatherings and many of these institutions are now closed by law.

Everyone must do their part and contribute to the common cause.

For this reason, for all those who would like to visit the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world, but cannot, ITCares has decided to make the Uffizi Gallery app available for free until reopening, in order to allow everyone to virtually enter the museum from their smartphone or tablet, admire and listen to the descriptions of some of the great artworks of the Italian Renaissance.

#istayhome and learn

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